• chief technology officer - adeva (2015 - present)

    Adeva helps companies scale their development teams with world-class developers from a growing community of pre-screened talent.

    We developed a unique approach to help tech companies overcome the talent shortage and reduce their employee turnover rate. Our success comes down to the focus of building direct relations between the developers and the customers. In the past few years, we have successfully established several teams and transformed multiple organizations.

    We strongly believe that the talent is evenly distributed and our mission is to bring equal opportunities to developers around the world.

  • community volunteer - wetalkit (2016 - present)

    Wetalkit is a non-profit community for tech enthusiasts aiming to empower developers, encourage collaboration and contribute to society through technology.

    Since we started, we are constantly organizing hackathons, meetups and supporting the local ecosystem with mentorship sessions.

    Techcrunch covered a story about a social application we have developed as a part of one of the hackathons.

  • Official Member - Young Entrepreneur Council (2016 - present)

    Young Entrepreneur Council is an invitation-only community for the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs.

    Being a part of YEC helped me connect with like minded people and grow personally and professionally.

  • Software Engineer - Consultant / Self-Employed (2013 - 2015)

    During my freelance engagement, I worked with many startups contributing to develivering their technology.

    I have been working as a part of distributed teams, working mostly with early stage startups, helping them with their MVPs.